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Program Summary
High Point
English Language Arts / English Language Development
English Learners and Striving Readers and Writers
Standards-based language and literacy instruction with specialized strategies for English learners and struggling readers
High Point
Diagnosis and Placement Inventory
Basics-Level C
  • Includes a Selection Test for each reading selection which measures mastery of the reading strategies, vocabulary, comprehension, and language arts skills
  • Also includes a Writing Assessment to measure Writing Progress
  • Checklists provide scoring rubrics to evaluate students’ work in each unit’s Writing Project
  • The Unit Test measures students’ achievement and cumulative understanding of unit skills and language
Assessment Handbook
Basics-Level C
  • Beginning-of-the-year test establishes the student’s language and literacy level, informs instructional decisions, and sets the baseline for measuring progress.
  • End-of-the-year test offers summative evaluation of language and literacy skills
  • Compare Posttest to Pretest results to demonstrate yearly progress
  • Complete teacher support for administering, scoring and interpreting results of both the Pretest and the Posttest.
Unit Test Booklets
Basics-Level C
  • Teacher’s Guide with laminated Prompt Cards and CD provide an oral language assessment to accompany the Pretest and Posttest.
  • Provides a picture of students’ ability to understand and use spoken language in an academic setting, measuring performance in three key areas: Listening, Speaking, Story Retelling.
End-of-Level Tests
Basics-Level C
  • Test booklets provide an alternative to the blackline masters in the Program Guide and Assessment Handbooks
  • Measure student mastery of standards taught in each unit covering skills in: Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension/Critical Thinking, Writing
  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced test booklets.
Basics-Level C
Use e-Assessment to immediately see multiple views of student performance online to help you make informed decisions.

View Unit Test Reports:
  • Group Skills Mastery: View mastery of the High Point skills by district, school, or classroom
  • Student Mastery: See how your students did on benchmark skills, providing time to intervene before the high-stakes test.
  • Reteaching Options: Click and see how to group students for reteaching. Click again and find online reteaching lessons.
View End-of-Level Reports:
  • Group Test Results: View End-of-Level Test results for a summative profile of students’ performance. Use data to give year-end grades and to plan for the following year.
View a demo of High Point e-Assessment.