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Program Summary
Good Reader's Kit
On-Level Students, English Learners, and Striving Readers
Fits any setting: In-class support for core programs; intervention classes; after-school tutoring, and summer school
Inspire the Reader in Every Student
Engage Students with Effective Resources
  • Accessible high-interest materials respect the experience of mature students
  • Provides everything you need to make teaching strategies real
Motivate Students with Fascinating Content
  • Students learn why reading is important to their lives
  • Includes real-world reading such as classified ads, web-pages and job applications
  • Features authors from diverse backgrounds
Accelerate Academic Vocabulary Development
  • Builds word conciousness
  • Builds practical word-learning strategies and routines
  • Teaches a powerful strategy for accessing words during reading
  • Includes lists and activites for learning academic vocabulary
Develop Key Reading Strategies and Skills
  • Explicit instruction and modeling
  • Focus on expository text with strategy transfer across genres
  • Concrete, practical solutions to build 7 key reading strategies
  • A chapter dedicated to putting 12 key reading comprehension skills into action