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Program Summary
Nonfiction Reading and Writing Workshops
Reading, Writing, Language Arts
On-Level Students, Gifted & Talented
Provides strategies students need to read and write nonfiction
Give your students the strategies they need to read and write nonfiction.
The 20 Workshops are organized into four levels:
Each Workshop focuses on a specific reading comprehension strategy as well as on the writing process and characteristics of one nonfiction writing form.
The Nonfiction Reading & Writing Workshops instructional approach includes:
  • Engaging color transparencies model the comprehension strategy
  • Teacher’s Guides provide think-alouds, modeling and highlighting that makes instruction explicit and interactive
Practice the Strategy
  • Annotations and hints in the Guided Instruction Book support the student at the outset in a gradual release model
  • Students then apply the strategy to pages of the article with less support
  • Teachers review and assess before moving students to the Strategy Application Books
Apply the Strategy
  • The Strategy Application Book connects directly to the article students have been using for practice
  • The Strategy Application Library provides one easy-reading alternative to the Strategy Application Book and three leveled titles for extended practice.
Connect to the Writing Process
  • Students return to the Guided Instruction Book to see the Writing Process, Writing Focus, and Nonfiction Text Structure modeled
  • Teacher's Guide and Writing Transparencies provide explicit instruction, tips for young writers, and think-alouds to make it real
  • Engaging prompts for independent writing and scoring rubrics for writing assessment are provided in the Teacher’s Guides