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Program Summary
Language, Literacy and Vocabulary: Reading Expeditions
Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies
English Learners and Striving Readers
Literacy Development and Grade-Level Content for Diverse Learners
Language, Literacy & Vocabulary—Reading Expeditions (also available in Spanish!) is designed for today’s classroom—diverse, challenging and complex. It provides carefully scaffolded literacy instruction and grade-level content at accessible readabilities. The program meets the needs of students facing language challenges—English language learners, at-risk students or students with learning issues. Language, Literacy & Vocabulary combines development of academic language and vocabulary, nonfiction reading skills and strategies and essential Science and Social Studies content—all in one program.
Language, Literacy & Vocabulary includes:
  • Essential grade-level content at low readabilities
  • Academic vocabulary development
  • Age-appropriate and engaging nonfiction texts
  • Considerate text with strong picture-text correspondence
  • Scaffolded, multi-level instruction for students at different levels of language proficiency
  • Customized instruction for ELLs
  • Research-based instructional strategies
6 Series Make Grade-level Content Accessible to All Students
Science Series Social Studies Series