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Program Summary
Content-Based Chapter Books
Reading, Science, Social Studies
On-Level Students
Variety of genres, "The Facts Behind the Story", "Read, Research and Write", "Extend Your Reading"
Encourage wide reading and connect to core science and social studies content with the unforgettable characters and compelling plots in these chapter books.
Unique Chapter Books
  • Visual pages at the start of each book introduce the setting and characters
  • Each story unfolds in 4 or 5 chapters and offers a variety of genres from mysteries to adventure stories to historical fiction
  • "The Facts Behind the Story" presents intriguing information and photos
  • "Read, Research and Write" encourages written responses to literature
  • "Extend Your Reading" suggests related books and offers questions for comparing across texts
Connect to Grade-Level Content
  • Standards-based to build essential science and social studies concepts
  • Support academic vocabulary development
Paired Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Each Chapter Book pairs with a Reading Expeditions Book